Manchester United Club Does Not Have A Commanding Centre Half After Nemanja Vidic And Rio Ferdinand

September 25, 2018 0 By index

In the Brighton, Manchester United paid for the Defensive mistakes cost it committed as all three goals, in some way, got derived from the center because of their weak defense. First, Victor Lindelof was bemused by basic movement, then Eric Bailly conceded a corner all for no need and third both were guilty for different reasons.

Jose Mourinho mourns for individual errors, though he refused to give names. He was left seething when he was not able to deliver a new defender by Ed Woodward. During the last season, probably Woodward would have looked at the goals approved column that came in at just 28 and imagined if they needed reinforcement really.

However, Mourinho saw this approaching with the disorganization at odds with tradition of United of a strong back line. But, the truth is that Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand both were never replaced after the pair left in the year 2014. Many have started after that, but no one made the consistent claim to create the partnership worthy of sitting at the top of the spine of the United. Have a look on those who have played over the last four years

·         Phil Jones – 7/10

He is unfairly maligned, often. The international of England has been arguably is best defender of United after 2014.

·         Victor Lindelof – 4/10

He spent very long trailing and months and months of negotiations with Benfica with an intent to land for Mourinho.

·         The others are Chris Smalling – 6/10

Then, once again comes for a rough ride from supporters the same way to Jones. Smalling has defensively shone for lengthy spells, but he has been obstructed by the odd daft mistake.

To know about others check the details.