Latest News On Manchester United

For the fans of the legendary football club Manchester United, their latest news is much awaited always. With season changes coming forth and to and fro movement of players draws near, there is much anticipation in the air.

Jose Mourinho is certain that he will be managing the club for the forthcoming season. He is a favorite among the bookmakers and as a replacement of Louis van Gaal many fans see him getting the job. However, as per the official news publications, Mourinho has not been formally contacted by the French giants. However Mourinho’s agent has spoken to the executives at United.

Among the youths being signed on by the team, the club has already signed on three youths by this week, among them they have secured Lee O’ Connor who played captain for the under 16 team of Ireland. Among the others is Keith Groeneveld of South Africa who currently plays for Belgian side. Continue reading Latest News On Manchester United

Louis Van Gaal – The most Experienced Manager

Louis Van Gaal is one of the experienced managers involved football and he has been in charge of clubs in Germany, Spain and Holland.

Coming to England for the first time with Manchester United, the Dutchman experienced the lack of a winter break during the league season for the first time in his career. Even tougher was the fact that United have had to deal with playing in the space of 48 hours after Boxing Day. After entertaining Newcastle United at Old Trafford on Boxing Day, United travelled to White Hart Lane to take on Tottenham.

Van Gaal said that it was simply not ideal for the players and it showed during the drab 0-0 draw. United looked short of energy in the second half and were on the back foot for much of the last 45 minutes. He has quoted the rules from UEFA which demands at least 48 hours before the next kick-off. Since United’s match against Tottenham will be live on television, it kicks off much earlier than other matches. Thus, the Red Devils have even lower recovery time than some of the clubs at the top like Chelsea and Manchester City. Despite Van Gaal complaining about the lack of recovery times, he named the same starting line-up against Tottenham.

“Everybody knows that a body cannot recover within 48 hours. Therefore, there is a rule at Uefa and Fifa that you cannot play games [in that time]. That’s scientifically proven. Everybody knows that and, in spite of that, we have to play. It’s the culture of England.I don’t mind but it is not good for the health of the players and it is not good for the game because I think the FA, and also the fans, want attractive games. You have seen the second half [at Tottenham],” said Van Gaal.