United To Face Crystal Palace In Upcoming FA Finals

July 25, 2016 Off By index

Man Utd, short for Manchester United, seem to be in the news for the wrong reasons for the past couple of months.

Of course, the legendary club has the spotlight on it all the time, whether it is making wins or suffering losses. For instance, the FA cup final that is coming up this weekend has several significances for the team. Having put up a dismal performance in the past games and tournaments, there is much that the team is having to put up with.

Besides the performance of the team, the manager of the team has been coming under critical appraisal. Louis van Gaal will probably be looking to exit the team in the upcoming season. Many are speculating that the FA cup would surely be one of the last bids to fame for van Gaal while others think that his chances are over, whether or not the team is able to win over Crystal Palace. Indeed, Crystal Palace is considered an underdog in this match.

However, they have played very well in the semi final while United has raised doubts about its performance among its fans. As a result, in case the upcoming game results in a loss for United, it will bring down their points further and will be a dismal beginning for the club. The fate of Louis van Gaal seems to be sealed, whether or not United makes it through the FA cup. His probable successor Jose Mourinho is being contemplated by many, but with mixed feelings. For instance, Juan Mata is a star player of United and a nice guy who got transferred from Chelsea. He would surely stand at a disadvantage if Jose joins as coach since the latter seems to appreciate the skills of Mata. The club definitely will see several changes in the upcoming season.