Former Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has admitted losing the joy of football while he was at Old Trafford.

The French star left the club during the winter window and he seems to be finding his feet again at Everton under manager Ronaldo Koeman.

Schneiderlin made a big-money move to United from Southampton. He started well under Coach Louis van Gaal but he was dropped outright under Coach Jose Mourinho – a move than almost wrecked his career. He revealed that his love for the game dwindled as he rarely played until the move of his former boss Koeman. Continue reading SCHNEIDERLIN LOST ‘JOY OF FOOTBALL’ AT OT


Louis van Gaal was dismissed from Stretford End in 23 May, 2016 and within 72 hours replaced with former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.

The self acclaimed Special One – or is it Happy One? – has of recent come under series of attacks from fans and trolls alike for his team’s poor start to the 2016/2017 Premier League season – their worst ever in the Premier League era).

Manchester united midfielder Marouane Fellaini offered some comparison with Louis and Jose’s managerial styles:

“Louis van Gaal is stricter. Mourinho is strict, but not like Van Gaal,” said the Belgian international.

“It is funnier with Mourinho, the training changes all the time. It is not a routine. Van Gaal had his philosophy and he was strict but he was very different.” he added.

Fellaini however believes that Mourinho is the right man to take the Red Devils back to the perch Sir Alex Ferguson worked so hard to knock Liverpool off and place Manchester United on.

“I think Mourinho is the right manager. He has a lot of experience and he knows what he can do but you have to give him time as well so I’m sure the victories will come.” Continue reading MAROUANE FELLAINI BACKS MOURINHO

Keith Heckett Unhappy with FA

Keith Heckett reckons the Football Association hasn’t helped itself or Anthony Taylor by sending the latter to referee at Merseyside this weekend.

The issue is that Manchester is the place of Taylor’s birth and it’s the place he has been at all his life so far and it’s pretty rare for an out and out Manchester lad, especially the one who has grown up through the nineties as Taylor has, not to be connected with United at heart.

Even Taylor’s house is situated only at a 5 or 10-minute drive from the home ground of United. So, for all these reasons, Liverpool faithful feel that their arch rivals visiting them in the weekend are already at advantage as they will have one of their own presiding over the match in the form of Taylor.

As per Heckett, now that people have developed a perception about Taylor, he would be scrutinized at every second of the match and he can’t afford even one little mistake anywhere, otherwise it will straightaway be linked to his emotional closeness to the visiting side
Continue reading Keith Heckett Unhappy with FA

Schweinsteiger wants to help Manchester United win titles

Bastian Schweinsteiger joined Manchester United back on July of 2015 but the German midfielder has not had a successful time with the Premier League club as he has failed to lift any piece of silverware and now with the arrival of Jose Mourinho to Old Trafford, things are starting to look dire for the 32 year old player who has recently been spending more time on the sidelines.

The veteran midfielder has recently outlined what he is planning to accomplish with Manchester United in this new season of the Premier League as Schweinsteiger said: “Of course my absolute dream would be to play for Manchester United and help them reach the goals they have.’’

“Of course we have had talks and I have no problem with Jose Mourinho. We had a good chat and he told me his side of things and I also know what I want. “We’ve got to wait and see how things go in September and October, but there is respect between us and that’s important for me. I’m certainly not going to stop playing football.” Continue reading Schweinsteiger wants to help Manchester United win titles

United To Face Crystal Palace In Upcoming FA Finals

Man Utd, short for Manchester United, seem to be in the news for the wrong reasons for the past couple of months.

Of course, the legendary club has the spotlight on it all the time, whether it is making wins or suffering losses. For instance, the FA cup final that is coming up this weekend has several significances for the team. Having put up a dismal performance in the past games and tournaments, there is much that the team is having to put up with.

Besides the performance of the team, the manager of the team has been coming under critical appraisal. Louis van Gaal will probably be looking to exit the team in the upcoming season. Many are speculating that the FA cup would surely be one of the last bids to fame for van Gaal while others think that his chances are over, whether or not the team is able to win over Crystal Palace. Indeed, Crystal Palace is considered an underdog in this match. Continue reading United To Face Crystal Palace In Upcoming FA Finals

Latest News On Manchester United

For the fans of the legendary football club Manchester United, their latest news is much awaited always. With season changes coming forth and to and fro movement of players draws near, there is much anticipation in the air.

Jose Mourinho is certain that he will be managing the club for the forthcoming season. He is a favorite among the bookmakers and as a replacement of Louis van Gaal many fans see him getting the job. However, as per the official news publications, Mourinho has not been formally contacted by the French giants. However Mourinho’s agent has spoken to the executives at United.

Among the youths being signed on by the team, the club has already signed on three youths by this week, among them they have secured Lee O’ Connor who played captain for the under 16 team of Ireland. Among the others is Keith Groeneveld of South Africa who currently plays for Belgian side. Continue reading Latest News On Manchester United

Victor Valdes is having a tough time in Old Trafford and it won’t change

Victor Valdes did not play in any of the 4 opening matches of the season for Manchester United and from the looks of it; the Spanish shot-stopper will not play an important role for the Premier League club at all.

The 33 year old player has an impressive trophy collection as he basically won every single major title when he was playing for Barcelona but these titles don’t mean anything to Louis van Gaal as the Dutch manager prefers using Sergio Romero as his main goal-keeper but this is only due to a fall out in which Victor Valdes decided not to play in a reserve game and this has started a string of negative consequences that does not favor Valdes in any way.

The situation of Victor Valdes in Old Trafford is so dire that the veteran player was not even in the bench of Manchester United for their opening 4 matches. Sergio Romero has played in all the matches and in the sidelines; the 22 year old Sam Johnstone is the one who has been sitting on the bench.

During the summer transfer window, there interest from the Turkish side Besiktas and a deal was on the verge of happening but the transfer never occurred and now Victor Valdes has to either try to reconciliate with Louis van Gaal and attempt to earn playing time or settle with a place in the dressing room of Manchester United.

Another option for Victor Valdes is for him to snatch a loan deal and join a different club where he can get playing time.

Pedro is one of the national teammates of Victor Valdes and the Spanish attacker who is currently playing for Chelsea, stated that his dissatisfaction in seeing Valdes struggle as he said: “No. It is true that I do not like this treatment to my teammates, especially Victor who has been a reference for me as a companion and a great professional,” Pedro told Spanish newspaper Marca. Continue reading Victor Valdes is having a tough time in Old Trafford and it won’t change

Celtic has progressed to the playoffs of the Champions League

A lonely goal from Dedryck Boyata was enough for Celtic to secure their spot in the playoff rounds of the Champions League as the Scottish team defeated Qarabag. Celtic and Qarabag had to face each other on 2 matches.

The first match was played on July 29 at Celtic Park in Glasgow and it was in this match when Dedryck Boyata managed to find the back of the net as he scored at the 82nd minute and despite both teams having to play in 2 separate matches, only 1 goal was scored in over 180 minutes of playing time.

The 2nd and final match saw Celtic having to travel to Baku and play against Qarabag at the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium. The Scottish outfit allowed their opposition to have plenty of time on the ball and it was actually Qarabag the team that appeared to be closer on scoring as the home team launched a total of 12 shots meanwhile Celtic only fired 5 shots in the entirety of the game. Celtic sat back and held on to their goal lead until the very end

The Champions League draw for the playoffs has already been completed and Celtic was pitted against the Swedish side Malmo. The first leg is scheduled to take place on August 19 in Celtic Park and the last leg will be taking place on August 25 as Celtic travel to the Swedbank Stadium. Continue reading Celtic has progressed to the playoffs of the Champions League